Added a service probe and match lines for the Logitech/SlimDevices SqueezeCenter music server. When a web page specified an relative icon URL through the link element. Fixed the use of an undefined variable in smb-enum-sessions, reported by Brandon. The error was reported by Brandon Enright and pyllyukko. Added support for HTTP digest authentication of proxies, as both client and server. Previously only the less secure basic authentication method was supported.

Applied patch by Jay Freeman ( to make Nmap C++-clean (this was lot of tedious work! Thanks!). Note that Nmap still uses a normal C compiler by default, but Nmap derivatives may appreciate C++ compatibility. Note that this only applies to “Nmap proper”, not libpcap. Reorganized output-related routines so that they now reside in output.c & output.h. Let me know if I accidently screwed up the behavior of any scan types in the process. Added -n and -R (always/never DNS resolve) options to the man page.

Photoshop 10bit support

Improved download dnss_dll from the efficiency of the xml_convert() routine which handles XML escaping. It was so inefficient that this stupid little routine was noticeably slowing Nmap down in some cases. A better method of detecting the system locale is used, so it should not be necessary to set the LANG environment variable on Windows to get internationalized text. OS fingerprints now include the SEQ.II test even if there are no other SEQ test results. The previous omission of SEQ.II in that case was a bug. Nmap’s –packet-trace, –version-trace, and –script-trace now use an Nsock trace level of 2 rather than 5.

Added a “Cancel” button for cancelling a scan in progress without losing any Nmap output obtained so far. Added IPProto Ping (-PO) support to Traceroute, and fixed support for IPProto Scan (-sO) and the ICMP Pings (-PE, -PP, -PM) in Traceroute as well. Added whois.nse, which queries the Regional Internet Registries to determine who the target IP addresses are assigned to.

Nmap 3 40PVT9

Added a new classification system to nmap-os-fingerprints. This can be useful if you want to locate and eliminate the SCO systems on a network, or find the wireless access points by scanning from the wired side. Fixed a service_scan bug that would cause an error when hosts send data and then close() during the NULL probe (when we haven’t sent anything). Fixed a bug found by Solar Designer which would cause the Nmap portscan table to be truncated in -oN output files if the results are very long.

It will also cap the score of an RC4-ciphersuite handshake at C and output a warning referencing RFC 7465. This would happen if no scripts were scheduled in a scan phase and the user pressed a key or specified a short –stats-every interval. The hard limit on number of concurrently running scripts can now increase above 1000 to match a high user-set –min-parallelism value. Completed a refresh and validation of almost all fingerprints for script http-default-accounts. [GH#376]Windows binaries are now code-signed with our “Insecure.Com LLC” SHA256 certificate.