How to Think About Sale vs. Sell

The difference between sale and sell

Being a salesperson by profession and someone fascinated by the psychology of sales, words like sale and sell naturally intrigue me.

As simple as it may sound, the significance of sale vs. sell is worth some examination for those of us dedicated to the craft of sales.

Do You Jump?

Leaving the perceived safety of company employment isn’t for everyone. And it warrants some serious thinking before making the leap. But for many people, that opens up almost infinite opportunity.

This is a Test

Here’s a question. How does one get better? How does one improve at something? (Okay, that’s two questions.) Here’s how you don’t improve. Keep doing the same thing. You certainly can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect to get better. Somehow or another, you have to do something different. You have […]

Right Now

At this precise moment, we’re watching the country come apart at the seams. At least I am. Between Twitter, NY Times and CNN, I can’t avert my eyes. And truthfully, I don’t know what the proper response is to this combination of unimaginable scenarios. I wasn’t looking forward to hunkering down for the pandemic, but […]

Chipping Away

We’ve got a tree dying in the backyard. It’s a largish flowering cherry tree, prominent and contributing significantly to our privacy, but with few leaves left and signaling that its best days are past. Dying trees invariably sadden me. I can’t help but notice them when I drive about the city, and the deaths seem […]