Sales Fundamentals: Triangulation

As any given sales opportunity gets bigger, more strategic or expands across multiple divisions, it inevitably becomes more complicated to manage and more difficult to close. Every new variable brings with it the possibility of more potential, but also greater risk of loss or delay. Among the potential headaches you should anticipate include: New players […]

Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Confirm With An Agenda

Perhaps the simplest step that you can take to improve your sales success rate is to confirm the call with an agenda. This simple habit serves multiple objectives: As a meeting reminder That that you’re prepared and ready That a commitment has been made That your time is valuable, too. Because you’re a professional that […]

Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Listen

   Just Listen. If you read Relax, I lied. For whatever reason, this step is harder. It shouldn’t be, but for most salespeople it just is. Listening just seems to be difficult to pull off. We want to talk, share our perspective, communicate. And we want to have people agree with us. What Your Customer […]

Sales Fundamental: Got Sales Game

I like to think I’ve got sales game, but would have never thought of this. Because I’m not a gamer, so I just don’t have that perspective. Maybe I should. It’s good to be able to think outside the box. Plus, sales golf has never been a big part of my strategy. Too much time […]