Do You Jump?

Leaving the perceived safety of company employment isn’t for everyone. And it warrants some serious thinking before making the leap. But for many people, that opens up almost infinite opportunity.

Sales Fundamentals: Cold Email

Cold emails work, especially if they’re not cold. I got hit up by a start-up founder with a cold email in response to a post I placed on @IndieHackers. It’s worth sharing as it’s a great example of how to start a sales conversation. “Hi Brendan, I found your answers on Indiehackers quite interesting and […]

Sales Fundamentals: Old Dogs & New Tricks

It’s funny what you remember. When I was a kid, one day my father brought home a set of cassette tapes. They were sort of a motivational program on creativity by a guy named Mike Vance. To give you some background, Vance’s job was to energize and activate creativity at Walt Disney and, later on, […]

The Problem with Timing

Being in the right place at the right time can be everything. It’s true for start-ups, for the adoption of technology, for the acceptance of a new artistic style, and it’s especially true when it comes to sales. And it is great when it happens. But it seldom works exactly as we would like it […]