Your Price Is Too High

Customers want value. They want to pay X $ (or ¥or£ or whatever)and get >1X in value. So when they state “Your price is too high,” they’re simply saying that they haven’t been convinced they will get >1X back.

Sales Fundamental: Have a Sales Out

Early-stage founders need to be actively selling. It’s a key sales fundamental to understand that having a dual founder/sales role means that the buck stops with you. This means your prospective client knows that you call the shots. They know that you have the authority and can commit. You can say YES. But… there may […]

The Request for Proposal

I think there have been four unsolicited Request for Proposal (RFP) wins in the course of my sales career. Four. That’s an average of one every… never mind. Of course, that may suggest that I suck at RFPs. Or maybe the deal was skewed to the favor of some other vendor. (I’m going with the […]