VC Pitches and Customer Presentations

Let’s clear something up. There are pitches to VC investors and then there are sales presentations to potential customers. Do not be confused. They are NOT the same thing. With a VC pitch, you are presenting a consistent, structured story to one or more smart, hardened, calculating and time-constrained people evaluating you by way of […]

The Request for Proposal

I think there have been four unsolicited Request for Proposal (RFP) wins in the course of my sales career. Four. That’s an average of one every… never mind. Of course, that may suggest that I suck at RFPs. Or maybe the deal was skewed to the favor of some other vendor. (I’m going with the […]

Sales Fundamentals – Understand Copywriting

If you’re focused on sales fundamentals, it pays to spend some time understanding copywriting. Here’s a simple homework assignment: Study how copy is written. Learn why the good stuff works. Most importantly, be like all the good copywriters and understand the basic psychology behind it. Because the folks that do it well understand buyers and […]