‘Passive’ Lead Generation

Invest in your network. And invest in establishing your expertise and experience. Because a significant percentage of leads can come in through connections you didn’t know you’d made.

Your Price Is Too High

Customers want value. They want to pay X $ (or ¥or£ or whatever)and get >1X in value. So when they state “Your price is too high,” they’re simply saying that they haven’t been convinced they will get >1X back.

Do You Jump?

Leaving the perceived safety of company employment isn’t for everyone. And it warrants some serious thinking before making the leap. But for many people, that opens up almost infinite opportunity.

Paint the Picture

Assumptions can be a dangerous thing. I was in a preparing for a follow up sales call with marketing people at one of the premier health systems in the country. Both individuals were super sharp, knew their stuff and were particularly innovative. I knew this having sat in on their respective presentations at a conference […]