Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Don’t Rely On Your Demo

Don’t rely on your demo. Let’s start by defining exactly what a ‘demo’ is. It is an orchestrated, practiced demonstration or walk-through of the product that is intended to solve the problem the customer is either facing or looking to avoid. Boredom Ahead With most ‘demo’ sessions, there is an established path or set of […]

Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Relax. It’s Just A Sales Call

Just relax. Ooooommmmmm… Easier said than done, perhaps. Nerves will do what nerves do. But you can assert some control over this with the right mindset. Relax. Yes, it’s easy for me to say, but you can get there. For the less experienced sales executive, it may help to imagine that it’s your 50th sales […]

Make It Easy For Your Customer

As a professional salesperson, a big part of your job is to make things easy. Good sales execution is all about removing friction and difficulty and resistance. And there are plenty of all three when it involves making a purchasing decision. But decisions can be hard. Decisions mean change, upheaval, risk. There is the exposure, […]

Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Confirm With An Agenda

Perhaps the simplest step that you can take to improve your sales success rate is to confirm the call with an agenda. This simple habit serves multiple objectives: As a meeting reminder That that you’re prepared and ready That a commitment has been made That your time is valuable, too. Because you’re a professional that […]

Simple Steps to Better Sales Calls: Show Up Early

Show up early. As simple as this may sound, it will differentiate you from most of your sales peers. Why? Because it requires effort and discipline and planning. And most salespeople don’t do this. Four Simple Rules Here are four simple rules for showing up: 30 minutes before a demo or formal presentation 10 minutes […]