Freelancing is like taking a leap. A leap off a cliff.

Before you take that big step, there is the expected terror and trepidation. It’s a big unknown you’re stepping into. Unfamiliar. Scary. Terrifying, really.

Terrifying because everyone around you has ‘a real job’ and an office to go to and paychecks​ and off-site meetings and long conference calls and office gossip. Oh, and healthcare coverage.

​​Still, maybe you finally do take that plunge and go it alone. Quit working for ‘the company.’ Go freelance. Become a solopreneur.

I did. (Hired gun, in my case.) Just leapt and started falling.

But here’s the thing. Chances are you don’t ever hit the ground. Because it turns out there isn’t any ground. It’s just air. More accurately, it’s potential. In every direction.

Yes, going freelance is unnerving at first. There are so many options to consider, and directions to go. It’s open territory.

All these potential choices can complicate others, of course. It’s hard to be a sales consultant AND a stand-up comic. (There’s a guy doing exactly that, BTW.) But the territory is wide open.

It turns out you can write a book, have a podcast, exuberantly express your business insights in blog posts, and work for two companies at once. (Non-competing companies, naturally.)

True, this freelancing thing isn’t for everyone. The unknown is an uncomfortable thing to face.

But that certain, reliable work situation is only certain and reliable. Until it isn’t. Then it’s an acquisition or a reorganization or a vengeful boss.

In an instant, certain and reliable are gone. Instead, you find yourself unmoored and without familiar footing or your comfortable surroundings. And you didn’t choose this trajectory.

It is at that point you’re really falling. And in this scenario, it may be hard ground that awaits you.

I guess that’s what I’m saying. Either choose to jump. Or worry about being pushed.

That choice is yours.