Here’s a thought experiment. Try to predict the future.

The prediction can be big or small. And with COVID19 so dramatically creating upheaval and doubt, there’s a lot about the future that is up in the air.

Here’s a small prediction. People will be buying TVs. Bigger ones. Huge, probably. And smarter ones, with built-in ‘Zoom’ and with fancy sound systems. And they’ll have them in more rooms throughout the house. And they’ll link together. I can’t explain why they need to link, but they will…

A bigger prediction, and one that piggybacks on the one above, might be that people will invest less in commercial office space and more in their homes. Because they’re spending more time in them. Less commuting. More ‘quality time’ with the family requires more distractions, more space. In-house spa, art room, movie theatre, office.

Maybe it sounds odd to ask someone to predict the future, but that’s what we do every day. We plan and anticipate and hope for our future events and accomplishments. (Alas, we do this with our problems, too.)  

By guessing where things are going on a much larger scale, one that isn’t as directly connected to our own lives and realities, can make the impending future less ominous and worrisome. It takes some of the surprise away, like watching a horror movie when you already know what happens next. (Not that the future is a horror movie…unless that’s your prediction.)

It could be the guess is wrong. Maybe people largely give up TV. They spend so much time in front of screens for work that they decide to avoid them any chance they get. (This seems unlikely, I know.)

Regardless, you’ve now bracketed the future a little. It could zig or zag, but you’ve foreseen both outcomes. And chances are, that prepares you a little more for where things are headed.

Why not guess?

PS – This can be an excellent dinner party distraction… if we ever get to have those again.