Accelerate your portfolio upside and reduce your risk. Now.

You’re making bets – On companies, on founders, on timing, on sales growth and customer acquisition, and that the founding team will take a business from idea to creating that next ‘must have’ category.

We lower your risk by reducing the odds of failure – By increasing sales velocity, improving customer success, shortening sales cycles, and reducing mistakes.

How we do it – We believe that founders need to sell. They need to learn the industry, understand the sales process (and value propositions, customer objections, discovery and qualifying), and develop the customer relationships that drive the business forward.

But most technical founders can’t do it on their own. They need sales coaching, training, encouragement, and oversight to become effective sales leaders.

How we reduce the risk of failure – We know how to sell. More importantly, we make technical founders sales effective. We’re your ‘guy on the inside’, coaching the executive team through our proven approach and program that:

The specifics – An intensive three-month cohort-based sales development and execution program that includes:

The result – Faster sales, better customers, more revenue. And less risk.

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