This is particularly for the remote sales professional. If you’re not in the main office, chances are you work from home. You’ve cordoned off a room or the attic or wherever, and that’s where you ply your trade. (Mine’s in the basement now, and formally referred to as The Nerve Center.)

In this environment, it’s easy to hunker down and work away for hours at a time. You can settle in wearing your ratty t-shirt or pajamas and only extract yourself long enough to eat and use the facilities. But you shouldn’t. As a remote employee or freelance salesperson, you need to mingle.

Make mingling a habit. Find time for regular communication with others in the company. It’s easy to be ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when you’re out in the field, so let those back in HQ know what you’re doing and how you’re fighting the good fight.

Give yourself a reminder to call other team members regularly just to see what they’re hearing, share anecdotes about what works, or what you’ve learned about a competitor, etc. Emails and texts are okay, but they’re not enough. People need to hear a voice and see a face. A disembodied text message isn’t the same thing.

And find other ways to stay engaged. I’ve never been a college basketball fan and so the whole March Madness thing doesn’t resonate much with me, but I still do the brackets and try to ‘keep it real’ with the corresponding trash talk. (Bonus tip: Just pick teams randomly based on how much you like the uniform colors or the mascot. That strategy has worked perfectly for me, ensuring that I’m never burdened with the hassle of collecting the winnings.)

When you’re out in the field, it’s easy to be invisible. Stay in touch.