As a professional salesperson, a big part of your job is to make things easy.

Good sales execution is all about removing friction and difficulty and resistance. And there are plenty of all three when it involves making a purchasing decision.

But decisions can be hard. Decisions mean change, upheaval, risk. There is the exposure, the unknown, and various alternatives to consider and evaluate. Reputations need to be factored in.

And of course, there is cost.

Look for Friction

Ask yourself what you can do to address each of these issues for your customer? How are you removing the pain and difficulty, and replacing it with pleasure and ease?

There are innumerable ways to accomplish this. For example:

And that’s just a start.

Be on the lookout for difficulty, friction and resistance throughout the customer’s sales experience. Then work to remove it. Become the trusted advisor and the no-cost problem solver they can depend on.

It’s a Win-Win

Yes, it may be impossible to completely eliminate every complication or challenge in the sales process, but there are often ways to minimize them. Often, by removing or minimizing the complications and difficulties for the customer, you’ll discover that these efforts benefits your future sales process. You job often gets easier as the friction is removed or lessened.

And where you can’t, you’re at least able to warn your customer beforehand. For example, “I’m sorry about this but, our contract process is torture. I’ll do everything I can, but it just runs on a different, slower gear” tells your customer what to expect. That knowledge makes it a little easier on them. Of course, this doesn’t relieve you of the responsibility of making the experience less torturous, so don’t give up.

Because that’s your job.

Ultimately, the role of a salesperson is to help your customers make decisions. And making decisions isn’t always easy. But if you can make them easier, everyone wins.