At this precise moment, we’re watching the country come apart at the seams. At least I am. Between Twitter, NY Times and CNN, I can’t avert my eyes. And truthfully, I don’t know what the proper response is to this combination of unimaginable scenarios.

I wasn’t looking forward to hunkering down for the pandemic, but I recognized the logic of it. And I can try to understand the sadness and frustration and anger that comes after the death of George Floyd, especially after so many other similar, unaddressed tragedies.

But we have been drawn into the very terrain that was once unimaginable, that our democracy is at a precipice and one that it may soon slip over. What happens after that will make this country unrecognizable to most of us.

And I’ve no idea what to do.

Do we go about our lives? Do we stay indoors? Do we voice our anger and frustration on social media? Do we contact our representatives? Do we prepare for Armageddon? (I’m quite certain that some of us are.)

Whatever it is that we should do may not be enough or soon enough. I said that we’re watching the country come apart at the seams, but this didn’t start today. It has been building, and it isn’t one person. This is a fundamental breakdown in the foundation of this country.

And cracks in a foundation are complicated, expensive and take time to fix. And to repair those sorts of structural problems require a team of people. No one single person can shore this up and make this place stable again.

Again, I don’t know what to do.

But time is running out. And things are caving in.