If you’re focused on sales fundamentals, it pays to spend some time understanding copywriting.

Here’s a simple homework assignment: Study how copy is written. Learn why the good stuff works. Most importantly, be like all the good copywriters and understand the basic psychology behind it.

Because the folks that do it well understand buyers and sales and the chemistry underlying the human psyche. There are reasons people buy (e.g. fear, greed, status…) and good copy can hit the right buttons deftly and with precision.

Just think back to a particular ad or sales email that grabbed you. Just a few words deftly strung together. It hit a button, or rang a bell. Your brain says…”Hmmm, I need to pay attention here.”

Photo by Madison Inouye on Pexels.com

Hey, you don’t need to turn into a copywriter. We don’t want that, and that’s not the point. It’s about learning to be crisp and efficient in your communication. It’s about crafting the message.

That’s what you’re after. You’re looking to pick up some of the perspective and discipline that a good copywriter possesses.

You don’t need turn your emails and proposals into ad-speak. You’re still a sales professional. Stay that way. But…a small investment here is guaranteed to be time well spent. Literally and hour or two spent soaking in the fundamentals can raise your game and make you more effective.

Look to the Experts

There are some talented experts and great (free) resources to tap into. So invest some attention span. Check out Eddie Shleyner (VeryGoodCopy) who has a couple how-to courses and a newsletter that are worth the time. And Joel Klettke (BusinessCasualCopywriting) has great insights and he totally understands sales. Or check Twitter, where there is no shortage of commentary and sharing when it comes to copywriting.

The point is that people that write to get attention, keep attention, and communicate a compelling value proposition are worth learning from. And copywriters have to make that happen in an instant, before the reader clicks to the next shiny object. Take time to understand how that’s done.

The sales fundamentals that you develop from a little copywriting homework will be directly transferable to the sales work that you’re doing right now.