To keep the sales process moving forward, you need to keep the conversation going. To do that, you need to be proactive. And one solid way to do that is to create reasons to reconnect with your customer.

This isn’t complicated, but it requires some preparation. And execution. To create opportunities to reconnect, consider the following:

  • Explain at the end of the meeting that you’ll need to follow up on ‘item’ and try to schedule that next call. Or simply set the expectation that you’ll be reaching out, and when.
  • Close the meeting by reviewing next steps, and make sure that the customer is responsible for something on the list, however inconsequential. It’s another chance to follow up.
  • Have a follow up document/action item in mind that you can use to elicit feedback.
  • Simply explain in the call that you’ll check in on ‘date’ to see how things are moving.
  • Send them meaningful content…with an explanation of how it applies to them.
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At some point, if you get complete radio silence after an extended period of time(which will vary on the deal, where you are in the sales cycle, who you’re dealing with, etc.) you can then ask if there’s still interest, is the deal dead, what is going on over there…

But until then, keep pushing and keep finding reasons to reconnect… albeit as deftly as possible.