Just relax. Ooooommmmmm…

Easier said than done, perhaps. Nerves will do what nerves do. But you can assert some control over this with the right mindset.


Yes, it’s easy for me to say, but you can get there.

For the less experienced sales executive, it may help to imagine that it’s your 50th sales call. Or that this particular meeting is simply practice, and it doesn’t count.

For the experienced sale professional facing a huge deal or quota pressure, remind yourself that you’ve done this before. Take a similar sales victory from your history and visualize that successful outcome and look to repeat it. Walk through the entire sales call and see in your head how every little step plays out.

This Should Be Fun

Ideally, sales calls should be fun and engaging. And if not always fun, they should be at least engaging and challenging. (If they aren’t, you may want to look inward and evaluate your career choice.)

A few jitters or a general trepidation isn’t unusual, but find ways to put the event into the proper perspective and settle in.

My personal hurdle has always been presenting to large groups. Still is. The first several minutes can be torture and miserable. Or worse. I may look composed on the exterior, but after dozens (hundreds?) of large presentations I’m still unnerved before things get going.

To combat this fear, I make sure the first few minutes of my presentation are super tight and well-practiced, so that everything just glides. It’s scripted, rehearsed and memorized. And then a few minutes in I will solicit a question or feedback from the group. This results in some back-and-forth dialogue which puts me squarely and comfortably in my comfort zone. After that, it’s smooth sailing.

It’s Mutually Beneficial

Most important, do not lose sight of the fact that each sales call is a chance to determine if there’s the potential for a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s not just about them. This process is just as much about determining if they are a good fit for you and your company.

And this is a key takeaway. Because as soon as you can embrace that philosophy and mindset, that an effective sales process is one of mutual evaluation and agreement, you will find it much easier to settle in and enjoy the process.

And you should.