Being in the right place at the right time can be everything. It’s true for start-ups, for the adoption of technology, for the acceptance of a new artistic style, and it’s especially true when it comes to sales.

And it is great when it happens.

But it seldom works exactly as we would like it to. Sometimes clients aren’t ready. They have conflicts, or scheduling problems, or holidays, or distractions. They can’t make a decision because they have too many other decisions to make before they can make the decision you want them to make. And no amount of badgering, cajoling, checking in, or price adjusting can change that.

What do you do? Keep going.

Timing can make or break product rollouts or entire companies. Just think about the Newton vs. the Palm Pilot vs. the iPhone. Or MySpace vs. Facebook. Being early to the game can be just as bad as being late…  

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We’re in the midst of a timing disaster right now. We’ve got ourselves a pandemic, and one that has created unimaginable upheaval and uncertainty.  Only to be followed with, or piled on top of, a second upheaval: George Floyd, BLM and national protests.

This latest upheaval fouled us up. We had a COVID trend tool launch just as the national attention shifted away from the pandemic and 24×7 to the protests. The response to our launch was… crickets.

Still, we keep going.

Here’s the thing. There will be more upheavals and shifts and surprises in the weeks and months ahead. Count on it. Life is full of hurt and misery. 

It can also be full of joy. Much of that joy follows in the aftermath of upheaval. Things don’t stay down forever.

It is inevitable. Disaster and difficulty will beset us. There will be challenges and problems. Some of them will seem huge and insurmountable. Get ready for them. Maybe even anticipate them. Spot the opportunity.

But keep going. What other choice do you have?